03 7 / 2014

alright tumblr. I haven’t updated in a while, but I can’t go on quietly any longer without posting this video. seriously beautiful, touching, and absolutely inspiring. a simple story but the way Glen Keane animates the characters really breathes life into them on a level any animator strives for. 

30 10 / 2013

steven universe season 1 episode 1

you don’t even understand how bad i want to work on the backgrounds for this show… HNGHHHH

04 10 / 2013


Artworks of Myosis student short film from french Gobelins school.
Directed by Emmanuel Asquier-Brassart, Ricky Cometa, Guillaume Dousse, Adrien Gromelle and Thibaud Petitpas.

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26 4 / 2013

the third and seventh

all done in CG

24 4 / 2013

this is more for me than any of you. 
I saw this a year ago and completely forgot about posting it on tumblr.

blockhead - the music scene

trippy and beautifully done animation

05 4 / 2013

so awesomeeee! really makes me want to work on a short film again.

11 2 / 2013

adam and dog

2013 Oscar nominated short animated film

Beautiful background design, sweet animation, and a really touching story. Made me really miss my dog.

30 1 / 2013

about damn time!!

disney - paperman

you do not understand how much i love this short. 

18 1 / 2013

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16 10 / 2012

 The Maker, an award-winning, animated reminder that life is really just a race against time

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02 10 / 2012

Sébastien Tellier - Look from Record Makers on Vimeo.

an oldie but goody

sebastian tellier - look

19 9 / 2012

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14 8 / 2012

Metro - Jake Wyatt

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27 7 / 2012

This one time... from nelson boles on Vimeo.

this is kind of really absolutely amazing. lol

nelson boles - this one time…

i really want to be able emulate this sort of style in my films. 

23 7 / 2012

I’m A Monster - Headless Productions

fucking brilliant

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