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alright tumblr. I haven’t updated in a while, but I can’t go on quietly any longer without posting this video. seriously beautiful, touching, and absolutely inspiring. a simple story but the way Glen Keane animates the characters really breathes life into them on a level any animator strives for. 

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Anonymous said: Do you want to study animation? (since you said you'd like to work on the backgrounds for Steven Universe)

I actually did study animation. I’m currently working at Nickelodeon for a Nick Jr. show called Bubble Guppies as a background designer :)

30 10 / 2013

steven universe season 1 episode 1

you don’t even understand how bad i want to work on the backgrounds for this show… HNGHHHH

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Typeface design’s have always fascinated me… This is BEAUTIFUL.


by Greg Coulton 

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Ross van Gogh 

‘Wet hair and lips’


Oil painting

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Artworks of Myosis student short film from french Gobelins school.
Directed by Emmanuel Asquier-Brassart, Ricky Cometa, Guillaume Dousse, Adrien Gromelle and Thibaud Petitpas.

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BEAUITUFL :) Love this use of paper!


The Gems You Can’t Spend

Paper sculptor Kirsten Hassenfeld takes the ordinary and turns it into opulence. Believe it or not, what you’re seeing is translucent white paper thats been intricately cut into polygons that resemble gemstones. Hassenfeld admits that the art is a repetitious and labor-intensive. Much of the work involving repeatedly cutting, folding, gluing and incorporating the quilling technique.

Hasenfeld began working with paper in 1999 and has produced several serial installations over the last decade that address the subject of luxury and the monetary success often defined by jewels and other expensive crystals.

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holy shit, this is beautiful!

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the third and seventh

all done in CG

24 4 / 2013

this is more for me than any of you. 
I saw this a year ago and completely forgot about posting it on tumblr.

blockhead - the music scene

trippy and beautifully done animation

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can’t help falling in love | fleet foxes

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the tattoo i want eventually

the tattoo i want eventually

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Daughter- Touch

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so awesomeeee! really makes me want to work on a short film again.

27 3 / 2013

gundamh0e said: I really liked your drawings of morrigan, I love to draw kick ass women so a tutorial on how to draw women would be great along with their hair and features!

hahah excellent! And relevant too. I love drawing women, but I get requests to draw men pretty often….weird… :) I’ll try to put something together this week/weekend. Keep you eye out for it.

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Woodkid - someone like you (Adele cover)

Woodkid will change your soul